Our Process

Here's how we create your perfect website

Once you’ve purchased your website design, we go to work on making it yours.  Here are the steps in this process:

  1. KwikSites sets up dedicated client area on our Basecamp client portal*;
  2. Client receives portal invitation via email;
  3. KwikSites creates a temporary web development site on our dedicated web development server;
  4. KwikSites installs WordPress onto a temporary web development site;
  5. KwikSites then adds the Astra Pro Theme and the Pro version of your new website template;
  6. Client uploads all relevant content (Images, videos, color palette, verbiage, etc.) to Basecamp portal;
  7. KwikSites updates website with client provided color palette, and waits for client approval;
  8. Upon approval of color application, KwikSites then adds all client provided images and videos, and waits for clients approval;
  9. Upon approval of image and video placement, KwikSites applies all client provided verbiage throughout the entire website;
  10. Client inspects website, and suggests any additional tweaks;
  11. KwikSites applies tweaks and receives final okay on the full website design;
  12. The big day!  We go live by migrating your new website to your choice of web hosting platform.

*All communications from this point onward will be done via the client portal ONLY.
This is to ensure that all of your pertinent information and updates are handled in the most efficient manner, and that nothing gets lost or otherwise overlooked in traditional emails, text messages, etc.

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